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Paul DeVetter is the founder of Design Ideation | Inspiration by Design, a veteran of design thinking and an inventor at heart. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, long time practicing professional and author of two books on the subject of design thinking. Paul is an architect, designer, strategist and proponent for the intuitive application of design thinking to art, education, business and life.  His work provides a bridge from the past to the future and offers solutions to many of the important challenges we face.

Inspired by a passion for design and an admiration for the power it has to turn ideas into objects Design Ideation is the result of more than two decades of exploration into the potential of Design Thinking and behavioral intelligence. Impressed by the influence that imagination and visualization can have on project outcomes, Paul set out to package the creative and logical thinking that drives inspiration. The goal was to build a model that could be shared with anyone who is motivated to learn and get better at what they do. Stream Logic™ was born.

Intrigued by the science of human behavior and the importance of connections in our lives, it didn’t take long to uncover some connections that would prove beneficial to the objectives of personal development and an intuitive existence.  Paul linked truth, wisdom and the “Circle of Life” to the rhythm, language and harmony of the natural world around us just as the Greeks, Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein and many other artists, philosophers and scientists in our history had done before. Understanding human behavior is at the heart of design thinking and the soul of inspiration.

To Paul, design has many faces. His passion for design reaches far and wide as it touches all areas of the human experience. Design thinking is a way of life and a source of inspiration in all that he does. Paul is an artist, photographer and inventor and also a teacher, mentor and forever a learner.

Paul began his design thinking career as an intern architect in the late 1980’s as he was finishing up his education.  After graduation he worked for twin cities architectural firms where he became interested in design projects beyond the scope of his education.  Practicing under the tutelage of an experienced German designer he discovered the beauty of simplicity, importance of detail and the nature of objective efficiency.

His “how things work” curiosities got the best of him and he began designing and building furniture.  Not satisfied with traditional methods for design or fabrication he began to explore new ways to use materials in unique combinations or configurations.  To Paul, design was as much about the process as the final product.  It became a journey of discovery.  The notion of “product” became something that required further exploration.

His curiosities again got the best of him and he began working with Target Corporation.  It was there that he gained another perspective of architecture, design and business.  The branded process was completely foreign but full of intrigue.   He expanded his understanding of design as business.  Risk management, change management and creativity started to become a blended concept.

Fortunate to work on several award winning projects throughout his career Paul has identified simplicity, restraint and confidence as keys to design success.  He discovered that proficiency in design comes with experience just like in all other areas of business.  He also learned that true experience is learned by doing things the right way.  At this point Paul started to uncover the value of design thinking and began visualizing ideas about how to make it transferable.

While authoring his book SMOKE-Pulling Back the Curtain on Change Paul further developed and documented his ideas about design thinking and the universal application in business.  Observing the increased role of communications technologies in business he explored the potential of visualization in the delivery of design by becoming one of the earliest implementers of BIM (Building Information Modeling).  He quickly understood the business value of BIM and the power of visualization for ideation, product development, project management and project promotion.

While authoring his book Stream Logic™-Navigating Creative Emergence Paul organized his project focused, design thinking ideas into clear deliverable processes that are portable and transferable to most areas of business and project objectives.  During development he uncovered similarities of his Stream Logic™ to the basics of empirical thought; research, experiment and experience.  He took it to the next level when formulating the relationship of intuition to proficiency and productivity at the project objective.  He recognized that the goal of efficiency in leadership, management, design and promotion could best be achieved by becoming intuitive at the objective. This objective intuition would become the focus of his next generation of design thinking and behavioral intelligence.

Paul has been responsible for more than 300 projects throughout his career as a design professional.  During that time he has always been driven towards better designs, methods and processes.  With Stream Logic™ he has developed a way to take advantage of design thinking to become better at project objectives.   Once an individual develops an intuitive nature they become more effective at just about everything they do.  This is what design thinking can do and what Stream Logic™ does.

He set forth to teach others what he has learned from his experiences and explorations. Design Ideation and Inspiration by Design are his vehicle to explore, discover and most of all share what he has learned and experienced. By now behavioral intelligence has become second nature and an increased focus in his life. He is regularly assured of how our interests and activities are the primary source of individual character and professional longevity. It is through our passions that we grow and develop. It is there that we find truth, wisdom, courage and inspiration. It is our “Circle of Life”

Paul believes ….. If we do what we love we will love who we have become. The more we love the more we will be.

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