Design Thinking, when applied to personal growth is a methodology that features visualization, an advanced understanding of human behavior, and predictable organization in the pursuit of an objective. It starts in the imagination and evolves into discovery. Design thinking then picks up speed with visualization on the way to knowledge and on to intuition. This experience progression is what allows us to learn more effectively and become better at what we do. It provides us with a broader perspective and an ability to expand our capabilities into new areas of interest.

Our approach is to enable our clients with design thinking methodology applied to their objective, whether for design or education. The method encourages thinking, interaction and ownership of the knowledge well beyond the confines of learning. The intuition based learning methodology stimulates organic growth within the organization. The result is a lasting, value driven culture of leadership and learning.

DESIGN Method:  Think . Connect. Engage

We design experiences for users of our products, buildings and processes. We design experiences for the customers and patients that engage our clients. No matter the design objective, the goal is always to make simplicity out of the of the complexity. We do this with design thinking.  Experience Design begins with the realization that the experience begins long before the user, customer or patient enters the site and continues long after they leave. With design thinking we organize the experience into six major impacts that influence quality of experience. We then design each of those impacts until they are intuitive for the user, customer or patient. Each impact is treated as an important part of the overall experience. Careful attention is paid to the behaviors that influence each. Execution depends on a commitment to leadership and education.

We design innovation with visualization. Visualization powers innovation. Visualization is either an ability to see or percieve a solution or a method to communicate an idea or solution to others. Developing an ability to visualize ideas or solutions is a process of learning that grows with experiences.

The seed of innovation is imagination. It begins to grow with discovery and starts to blossom with visualization. It springs to life with knowledge and reaches a greater glory with intuition. Our approach is to enable our clients by applying design thinking to the process of learning. The learning encourages thinking, interaction and ownership of the knowledge.

EDUCATION Method: Think. Connect. Engage

The Design Ideation Education Series has been developed with the methodology of design thinking and the elder model as inspirations. The purpose of the learning is to enable the participants to become more intuitive in their actions and to drive organic growth within the organization.

The content for the program is delivered to exercise the behaviors of imagination, discovery and visualization, which lead to knowledge and intuition. The program material is organized into the virtues and behaviors that are fundamental to personal development for the leader and the learner. The method encourages thinking, interaction and ownership of the knowledge well beyond the confines of the session.

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