Intuitive Behavior

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Intuitive Behavior. In climbing, the intuitive sense is invaluable. Intuition directs decisions to make physical adjustments and actions that are imperceptible to the conscience mind. The simple acts of sitting, standing, and walking require thousands of biomechanical actions to work in concert, so imagine how big a role intuition plays in climbing. The intuitive mind plays a large role in problem solving and design thinking. It drives the sequence that unconscious and conscience decisions are made.

The effectiveness of intuition for climbing is based on the aggregate experience of every attempt or climb. Just like in design thinking, the intuitive mind guides the right body position, action and reaction. The experience based behavior of climbing is an excellent example of intuition and design thinking at work. This climbing photograph was taken by Design Ideation while researching the role of intuition on intellectual, physical and emotional performance.

Watch this documentary for an example of how climbing is an experience based intuitive activity.

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