Inspired by a passion for design and an admiration for the power it has to turn ideas into objects Design Ideation is the result of more than two decades of exploration into the potential of Design Thinking and behavioral intelligence. Impressed by the influence that imagination and visualization can have on project outcomes, Paul DeVetter, our founder set out to package the creative and logical thinking that drives inspiration. The goal was to build a model that could be shared with anyone who is motivated to learn and get better at what they do. Stream Logic™ was born.

Intrigued by the science of human behavior and the importance of connections in our lives, it didn’t take long to uncover some connections that would prove beneficial to the objectives of personal development and an intuitive existence.  Paul linked truth, wisdom and the “Circle of Life” to the rhythm, language and harmony of the natural world around us just as the Greeks, Leonardo DaVinci, Albert Einstein and many other artists, philosophers and scientists in our history had done before. Understanding human behavior is at the heart of design thinking.

Values based cultures such as the Native American Indians recognized the power of the “Circle of Life” and built their entire existence around this connection to the natural world.  They understood the importance of leadership and having the right kind of experiences.  They practiced “Elder Logic” to reach a deep, intuitive understanding of the world around us.

The  flow of design thinking has a connection to the natural progression of human behavior that drives intuition. This progression is predictable and makes teaching and learning more meaningful and longer lasting. These are the same behaviors that enable artists, athletes and musicians to be at their best. Playing “in a zone” is possible because the athlete is intuitive from dedicated practice. Playing “in a groove” is possible because the musician is intuitive from diligent preparation. Excellence comes from having the right kind of experiences.

Our design process and our education methodology are built around this Intuition Stream™ which features Imagination, Discovery, Visualization, Knowledge and Intuition. The seed if innovation is imagination, it begins to grow with discovery, starts to blossom with visualization, springs to life with knowledge and reaches a greater glory with intuition.


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