Costa Rica Monkeys

Design_Ideation_Photography_Costa_Rica_18 Costa Rica Monkeys

Costa Rica Monkeys. Capuchin monkeys, also called white-faced monkeys, occupy the wet lowland forests on Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama and deciduous dry forest on the Pacific coast. Capuchins live from northern Colombia to Belize; in Costa Rica and Panama they can live in habitats up to 1,500 m in elevation; they may live as high as 2,000 m in Colombia. Among the best known monkeys, the white-headed Capuchin is recognized as the typical companion to the organ grinder. It is a highly intelligent monkey and has been trained to assist paraplegic persons. This monkey was photographed by Design Ideation near Manuel Antonio National Park and Quepos, Costa Rica as part of an animal behavior research study.

Inspiration Georg C Lichtenberg Birds of Costa Rica
Inspiration Georg C Lichtenberg
Birds of Costa Rica

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