Design Ideation merges the rhythm of design thinking with a advanced understanding of human behavior to make inspiration the driver for design and education. Inspiration by Design is the inspirational products showroom for Design Ideation. Located in downtown Stillwater, the studio puts the art of inspiration on display with an active design studio, separate fabrication studio and an interactive creative venue for small group inspirational, educational and corporate events. Design Ideation is a unique business. We design and we teach. We inspire others to utilize design thinking and behavioral intelligence to make their lives better.

Leadership Development | Executive Coaching

We are unique in the way we have packaged design thinking and behavioral intelligence to be beneficial to just about every business and personal objective. We help our clients grow organically, in business and life.

At Design Ideation we turn complexity into simplicity and teach our clients a new way to think about and solve problems. We train individuals and professionals how to utilize design thinking and behavioral intelligence to become more efficient and better at what they do. Strategy, Performance, Creativity.

Inspiration is our business. Design thinking is our passion. We have turned decades of design experience and years of process and product development into an award winning approach and a bright future for our clients. We will teach you to walk, then run, then fly above the pack.

Leadership Development

Studio Products

Design Ideation researches, designs, develops and produces creative arts product lines some of which are on display inside the Creative Arts Studio and the Inspiration by Design Showroom. The Showroom features the “Design Ideation”,  “Studio 12” and “Orange Buffalo” brands of creative arts products which includes Design Resources, Art Supplies and Educational Materials. Design Ideation also develops products for Outdoor Performance Systems, an outdoor products venture that features the following brands; Buffalo Logic Hunting Supplies, Perfect Strike Archery, OPS Otter Waterproof Gear, and OPS Outdoors accessories.

Studio Products

Environments Artwork

We design experiences and we design environments. Our On-Demand Gallery is just the beginning of how we can help you design your space. We have access to millions of inspirational images and works of art covering all subjects and palettes. Once we discover the perfect works for your space we can apply them to just the right materials such as canvas, metal, acrylic, etc.

Our Palettes™ Gallery program we connect to millions of artist’s lightboxes and design the artwork for our clients spaces. There is no limit to the imagination and inspiration we can design into your space.


Design Ideation | Inspiration By Design.
324 S Main St. Stillwater, MN 55082 :: Established 2007